Msteel Detailing Services provides industry leading steel detailing services with over 15 years experience. Msteel is an innovative Structural Steel Detailing company committed to providing quality steel detailing services to the commercial and industrial industry.


We pride ourselves in our skilled structural detailing team with years of experience under their belt. Our team of professional steel detailers are trained to provide clean, accurate and comprehensive structural detailing services on schedule. Our concern will always be not only to meet but to exceed our customer’s expectations, needs and demands.

At Msteel detailing services we believe that the quality of service we provide is directly related the individuals we hire. Therefore, we only employ competent, highly experienced qualified individuals. In addition to this, we focus on providing continuous improvement in education and training for our structural detailing team. Detailing software is only as good as the people using it and Msteel has gathered the best in the field. A comprehensive knowledge of 3D modeling is essential to meet the challenges of steel detailing!


Our goal is to continue to be the top leading steel detailing provider. To ensure our clients receive the best quality steel detailing services, Msteel detailing services has established an implements an efficient quality control system that meets all the requirements of the National Institute of Steel Detailing Quality Procedures Program Certification, and American Institute of Steel Construction (NISD,QPP,AISC). Our quality control system sets to assure accuracy, and perform to standard detailing practices.


Msteel stays on the cutting edge of technology by using the latest available software in order to produce the most accurate structural steel drawings, shop drawings, miscellaneous steel detailed drawings, and framing plans. Msteel can accommodate many different file exports as well as material data file formats. We believe part of the secret to our success is the combination of using the latest technology available, regular software upgrades, and the capabilities of delivering different file types.


  • We strive for excellence to meet our clients needs
  • Msteel Delivers clean, accurate drawings
  • Quick turn-around
  • Competitive rates
  • Reasonable change order prices

Highly Skilled Experienced Tekla structural detailing team

Msteel detailing services is committed to our clients success by working diligently to meet customers’ demands and provide the highest quality of finished projects in the industry. We strive for excellence and to be available to you when you need us. Our mission is to be more than just another company offering drafting services. Our goal is to be a valued business partner that work together on projects. Msteel works with engineering firms, steel fabrication shops and contractors. Our structural steel shop drawings are produced in either metric or imperial measures and in full compliance with AISC and CISC standards, as well as with the standard steel detailing practices.